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  El Tambo | Authentic Peruvian Cuisine    

57 Croton Avenue
Ossining (next to the
Ossining Library parking area),
New York 10562

P: (914) 432-7493
E: eltambo@ymail.com
  El Tambo | Authentic Peruvian  
  El Tambo | Authentic Peruvian Cuisine

El Tambo in Ossining is a place where you can rest and taste the wares of the rich Peruvian cuisine.


We are a family-owned restaurant favored by Peruvians and other South Americans in this part of the City.

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  Peruvian Cuisine | An unlikely but delicious fusion  

Peru is a country with more variety than some continents. While the entire planet has a total of 32 different kinds of climates, Peru alone has 28 of them. Nearly every climate Peru has, along with the landscape that it belongs to, created its own crops, spices, way of life and cuisine.

To this native Peruvian variety came many waves of influences, each with its own rich traditions. The Spanish, African, Chinese and Japanese. Today Peruvian cuisine is being called ‘The next big thing in high-cuisine’.

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